A play by Steve Wangh about abortion, complication and choice

Premiere: Blessed Unrest Theatre, New York City, May 13, - June 3, 2023






This is a terrific script and a play whose time is NOW. It dares to speak feelingly about a very important issue, and to do so with great intelligence, with humor, and with empathy for a remarkable range of American voices.

For the last 50 years I have listened to women tell their abortion stories. MISCONCEPTIONS has powerfully captured those stories. Don't miss seeing this play.  Your heart and mind will be touched.

Following Frances Kissling's support I want to add my name in support of this very important play featuring women's eloquent voices on the right to choose abortion. Go see MISCONCEPTIONS.

There has never been a more important time to talk about abortion in America. MISCONCEPTIONS features the stories and experiences of women, and reminds us why this fight belongs to all of us.

I saw your show last night! Beautiful work with such a difficult subject. I came away better informed about the varying perspectives and so grateful that “choice” is still an option in most places in this country. The acting was wonderful and made the ideas and shifting spaces, characters and mindsets clear and compelling. The text also included Brecht’s crucial ingredient: Spaß (fun). Congratulations on an important work at this critical moment.

The compelling storylines in MISCONCEPTIONS break open taboos – bringing into view the dilemmas that women and families confront when weighing access to abortion and childcare.

Background Preview

Podcast interview with Steve Wangh and Jessica Burr