Reviews of The Heart of Teaching

The Heart of Teaching is the core reading material for the graduate course I teach that trains and prepares our graduate MFA actors to teach our required undergraduate acting classes. With weekly reading assignments and group meetings, your book has aided the students immensely in developing compassion and care in the classroom. Additionally, your book provides specific "languaging" for much of the complexity of the classroom dynamics.”

- Tanya Kane-Parry, California State University, Los Angeles

“ Wangh has cultivated a “way of teaching” (xi) that provides lines of sight for all who struggle annually with the acts of transference and counter-transference unfolding through scene study, monologue work, and physical acting training.... Wangh’s reports from the acting classrooms of NYU’s Experimental Theatre Wing, Emerson, and Naropa can also provoke thought for those of us who teach theatre history, dramatic literature, or any class offered within performing arts curricula.”

- Will Daddario, TDR

“Stephen Wangh tackles an important but rarely discussed aspect of performance teaching. He brings a particular set of hard-won insights based on extensive teaching and personal experience, and doesn’t shy away from teasing out the difficult personal lessons drawn from that experience.”

- Anthony Jackson, University of Manchester, UK

“Wangh is interested in the inner dynamics of teaching and the processes by which teachers can promote – or undermine – creativity .... There’s something here for drama teachers of all sorts. I was especially taken, given what noisy places many classrooms are, with his thoughts about listening and silence.”

- Susan Elkin,